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Pigtails And Cleavage

This is exactly what I want to see every morning when I wake up... Cleavage and pigtails!

Sexy Pattycake has the boobies and the long hair, and it's pretty obvious she likes to put her hair up in pigtails. That's like... Handles for us when she's down on her knees sucking us off!

sexy pattycake boobies pigtails

I can't see if she's wearing any panties but I'm guessing Sexy Pattycake would be quick to take them off if she did!


Pattycake Always Hot

I have no idea what Sexy Pattycake is wearing here.... I don't know if this is sexy lingerie or a t-shirt that just happens to look sexy. Does it matter? Can't see her boobs, and Pattycake has a great fucking rack! I wouldn't mind seeing some fucking cleavage here!

The boots do make it kind of hot! But then again, Pattycake looks great no matter what she wears!

sexy pattycake hot lingerie

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Sexy Perky Boobs

This is just what I love about Sexy Pattycake. She doesn't need anything fancy to make her look smoking hot - just a a black bra and matching black panties, and she's all set. She's got the cleavage for her, and the way her sexy blonde hair falls around her breasts is a huge turn on.

Not sure why she's wearing suspenders.... But it's kind of hot in a odd way!

sexy pattycake black bra hot teen ass 1

Then Sexy Pattycake gets on her knees and bends over... Sexy Pattycake might be able to have any man she wants but she's just like all of the other chicks out there - she just wants to be tagged hard from behind.

All chicks love it doggie style, and Sexy Pattycake is no exception!

sexy pattycake black bra hot teen ass 2


Handcuffed In Basement

I might never hit a woman - that's a horrible thing to do - but I have no objections over tieing a woman up. Here we have Sexy Pattycake in the basemen in a little negligee and if you look closely.. You can see someone has taken off her panties.

sexy pattycake handcuffs panties 1

This the entire point of tieing up someone like Pattycake - so you can do whatever you want to her without her complaining. She looks so sexy with her panties at her feet - and know we know she's not wearing any panties!

sexy pattycake handcuffs panties 2


Soaking Wet Panties

Just when I thought I've seen Sexy Pattycake in every position imaginable... Suddenly we have Sexy Pattycake in the pool floating around on a little tube with her tight little ass up in the air. She's wearing white panties, but they are soaking wet and pretty much see through...

Who doesn't want to rub on that?

sexy pattycake hot tub panties tight teen ass

I think Sexy Pattycake has got to be a lot of fun!


Nearly Naked Snow Bunny

Snow bunnies are always hot - chicks willing to get naked or nearly naked outside in the snow, well, I salute you. No fucking way I'm getting naked outside in the snow. Hell no.

And of course with the huge rack Sexy Pattycake Online has, it just makes it oh so damn entertaining!

pattycake nearly naked outside in snow

The upskirt factor Pattycake has going on too is super hot!


Doing Laundry Naked

I never gave much thought to how Sexy Pattycake does her laundry, but after reading this post you will thinking about it the next time you do laundry.

Looks like Sexy Pattycake is just doing her laundry, no big deal.... But still she looks sexy in her little tank top with her teen cleavage sticking out, and those little sweat pants that she got from Victoria's Secret that you can quickly pry off of her limp body...

sexy pattycake online does laundry1

But then Sexy Pattycake decides she needs to wash the clothes she has on! She quick strips down until she's naked... And then finishes her laundry!

sexy pattycake online does laundry2 sexy pattycake online does laundry4 sexy pattycake online does laundry5 sexy pattycake online does laundry6

But I can bet you that Sexy Pattycake rides the dryer a little bit - you know how girls get off doing that!


Sheer White Panties

See, I think Sexy Pattycake just like showing off her panties. But this is hotter than usual because the panties she's wearing are sheer - nearly see through!

And we can see the outline of her pussy lips nicely!

sexy pattycake teen-tease

They remind me of a peach... And I like eating peaches!

Come to think of it, I could eat Pattycake Online all day long!

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Blonde Hair and Huge Tits

Every day, at the end of the day, it's all about the boobage. All men like boobs, and most women too. When you see women checking each other out, it's not because they are jealous of their outfit - it's because they like boobs!

Blonde hair, huge boobs.... Pattycake is the perfect woman - and marriage material all at the same time!

pattycake online-huge boobs


Teen Heart Panties

This is exactly what it's all about, the end goal. I know you see Sexy Pattycake and you are drooling; You wish you could have a girlfriend this freaking hot. Just think... That who ever is hitting Sexy Pattycake is most likely already tired of her shit and is looking for his next best thing.

Not sure how you can get tired of Sexy Pattycake, but I'm sure they do... Look at those boobies tight wrapped up in her sexy red bra!

sexy pattycake red-bra heart panties tight ass 1

And then the ass that Sexy Pattycake has... Is hot enough to die for!

Who wouldn't want to eat off of her tight little teen ass?

sexy pattycake red-bra heart panties tight ass 2

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